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Anal fingering

Want to make casual sex brighter and bring some spice into it? Then you should definitely try anal fingering your partner. As it is known, there are tons of nerve endings that are located in the butthole. Additional stimulation, that is ass fingering, will bring new colors to the casual fucking. It is not hard to do and you don't need special skills for it. For example, while fucking the girl in a doggystyle sex position, you can easily stick your finger in her ass. Start slow at first: lick you finger or the asshole, wetting it with saliva, then insert one finger, stretching the hole and making the penetration feel really good. By the end of the anal massage, you will be able to fit more fingers in the tight hole. Due to shyness and closed-mindedness, not every girl will appreciate a proper anal fingering. However, you can be sure, that if you start an anal masturbation with one of our girls that work in Paris, she will get the hardest orgasm ever and all thanks to you! Making a girl come hard will make any man proud of himself.