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Doing ordinary things differently is always interesting, because novelty brings aquivering feeling. You should definitely experiment and try sex without penetration, although it may sound a bit disconcerting at first. However, once you adjust, it will be pretty easy and really nice. Cockrubbing a pussy is a playful, caressing and whole-body touching way to please each other. Without vaginal penetration the partners can focus on handjobs, massages, sex toys.

If done correctly lovemaking without penetration can be even more pleasurable than vaginal sex. Such humping with dick rubbing a clit is a bonding and intimate experience. Men easily reach and orgasm even when they don’t penetrate, so do women due to an intense clitoral stimulation.

People in Paris know a lot about the art of intercourse without penetration. Sexy girls can teach you different tricks and secrets of such experiments, so that you can pleasantly surprise and delight your future partners.