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Titjob is the stimulation of a penis by female breasts. It can be a perfect foreplay or a sex act without penetration. Titty-fucking is considered to be as pleasant as a vaginal sex for men. However, if a girl has sensitive breasts, she can also achieve an explosive orgasm.

It is definitely mesmerizing when a man puts his erect cock between the babes boobs and starts rubbing and thrusting. The girl squeezes her tits around the shaft, which creates a really tight area for a dick stimulation. Moreover, sometimes a girl can move her tits up and down against the cock and it also brings the man pleasure. Thankfully, Paris sluts have huge gorgeous breasts and are experts in a good titfuck. They love pleasing their clients with a face to face or head to tail act. A skilled worker knows how to move and squeeze her boobs in order to get fresh portion of hot cum between her tits.