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69 sex style is perfect for the lovers of oral sex. It is the position where you give and receive at the same time. The upside down 69 needs a lot of confidence and coordination from the participants, which, fortunately for you, our professionals from Paris have.

There are various ways to have a 69: girl-on-top (where she can control the pressure she gets), man-on-top (where the girls hand are free and can suck a cock and stimulate the testicles and anus) or side-by-side (where you lie on your sides with your mouths directly in from of partner’s genitals).

Lay the beautiful goddess down or let her straddle you and both of you can (literally) get downto business. Luckily for you, our babes have really tight bodies. So while you are licking her lower lips and fingering the sweet pussy, you are also having a great view.

Simultaneous oral stimulation in a 69position will bring you to incredible heights and explosive orgasms, because there is nothing better than giving and receiving unbelievable pleasure at the same time.